As much as we want to be present when a loved one passes, itís not always possible. Often, friends and family are scattered across the country or around the world. Downing & Lahey Online Services allow friends and family members to check service information and, if desired, leave personal messages for the bereaved family. So you can be there for your loved ones in spirit, even when you canít be there in person.

To access information on a specific funeral service, simply locate the name of your deceased friend or family member on the list below. Click on the name to view service information, view the online obituary or leave a message for the family.

Canít find the person you're looking for? Click here to check the obituaries section of The Wichita Eagle.

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Ronald Tucker   05/21/2015
Joseph Steven, Jr.   05/22/2015
Jannie "Chris" Thurston-Enegren   05/22/2015
Tina Floyd   05/20/2015
Kenneth Rix   05/17/2015
Capt. Christopher Norgren   05/12/2015
Charles Streeter   05/18/2015
Susan Crane   05/19/2015
LaWanda Smith   05/18/2015
Delores Harrison   05/16/2015
Marian Henry   05/09/2015
Donato Ornelas   05/16/2015
Geraldine Oldfather   05/14/2015
Robert "Ed" Jones, Jr.   05/14/2015
Alvin Knoblauch   05/15/2015
Nathaniel Monaghan   05/13/2015
Carl Fleming   05/11/2015
Jerome Holt   05/11/2015
Dr. Thomas Johnson   05/09/2015
Lydia Cooprider   05/10/2015
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Ronald Tucker
Joseph Steven, Jr.
Jannie "Chris" Thurston-Enegren
Tina Floyd
Kenneth Rix
Capt. Christopher Norgren
Charles Streeter
Susan Crane
LaWanda Smith
Delores Harrison
Marian Henry
Donato Ornelas
Geraldine Oldfather
Robert "Ed" Jones, Jr.
Alvin Knoblauch
Nathaniel Monaghan
Carl Fleming
Jerome Holt
Dr. Thomas Johnson
Lydia Cooprider
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