Downing& Lahey offers an impressive array of high quality BatesvilleŽ caskets, cremation urns, Doric burial vaults and keepsake items to help customize services to the tastes and personalities of your loved one and family. For a closer look at some of the products we have available, select a product group from the menu above or the listing below. Some products appearing here may not always be available, as our inventory changes frequently. If you have questions about pricing or availability, please contact us.

Patricia Gillenwater
Frances Scott
Bill Furgason
Jolly White
Valgene Blankenship, Jr.
Nathan Ryan & Caleb Matthew Brown
Geneva Davis
Richard Noakes
John Kesler
Vicki Dresslaer
Emerson Hewitt
Mark McMahon
Paul Naden
James Miller
Carole Lindsay
Bernadine Berning
Walter Classen
Cathleen Snyder
Heath Wilson
Marjory Morris
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